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Tweed is suing the State of Connecticut in federal court over the runway length limit of #5600ft. We have the full text of the complaint.

About Us

VOTE at the CT Climate March

The CT Climate March

Voters Opposed to Tweed Expansion (VOTE) is the result of decades of community struggles with Tweed New Haven Airport. We are a nonpartisan coalition of New Haven and East Haven residents, working together to ensure we are not ignored as Tweed’s relentless expansion continues.

Our primary goal is the abolition of the Tweed Master Plan (first formulated in 1999). We seek increased honesty and transparency from Tweed officials and the municipal governments of East Haven and New Haven. We intend to hold Tweed and the other signatories of the 2009 memorandum of agreement (MOA) to their legal obligations and not allow changes to the language that would permit further expansion of the airport.  We oppose any legislation or litigation that would alter or replace the 2009 Tweed Airport Authority Act C.G.S. §15-120j(c).


Help Us Out

This website is a work in progress, and we need help organizing and refining our message.

Until recently, discussions have been led by Tweed and city officials advancing the Master Plan.  We’re on the offense now, and are demanding the agreed-upon limit of #5600ft and no longer. Ways you can help:

Interested in joining our group? Please contact us and we will invite you to our next meeting.