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Better Call Saul
November 21, 2015 StopTweed

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

UPDATE: Full text of the complaint filed Nov. 24, 2015 by the airport.  Keep track of the lawsuit here and subscribe to get updates. Is Tweed biting the hand that feeds?  The mood of most Airport Authority board members and Tweed staff was noticeably cheery as they rushed into an…

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Hold Tweed at 5600 feet
November 20, 2015 StopTweed

Hold Tweed at #5600ft

We're launching an awareness campaign in response to Tweed's lawsuit. How You Can Help Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Whenever possible, use the hashtag #5600ft Join our newsletter. Come to one of our upcoming organizer meetings. Volunteer to canvas door-to-door in Morris Cove, the East Shore, and East Haven.…

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Tweedle App
November 19, 2015 StopTweed

Help Test Our Incident Reporting App

We're rolling out a new incident reporting tool called Tweedle.  Contact us if you'd like to help test it.   We're providing this alternative because the complaint form provided by Tweed is not only limited to just noise, it's also frequently broken or ignored. Tweedle is a Ruby on Rails app…

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Where's the Money Coming From?
October 21, 2015 StopTweed

$9 Million: The Price for New Air Service

Aer Lingus was wooed to Bradley International Airport with million-dollar bags of money.  This is the new model for bringing commercial air service to Connecticut, in a world of increased capacity discipline.  This story has been updated with the latest news coverage, below, with a much larger price tag for…

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