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Tweed is suing the State of Connecticut in federal court over the runway length limit of #5600ft. We have the full text of the complaint.


Organizer Meeting

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 17
7:00pm, 235 Townsend Avenue

Please contact us if you plan on attending.


East Shore/Annex Community Management Team

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 8
7:00pm, Morris Cove Firehouse

CMT meetings are held once a month in each of New Haven’s police districts.  The meeting for the district closest to the airport is held on the second Tuesday of each month.  Sign up for updates with the chair, Barbara Carrol.


Tweed Airport Authority BOD Meetings

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 17
4:00pm, 155 Burr St, New Haven
2nd Floor conference room of admin building

The public may attend and make comments at the end of the Tweed Board of Directors meeting.  Meetings are usually scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month and begin at 4:00pm in the second floor conference room of the Tweed administrative building.

Recent & Upcoming Meetings: